Price List

Low Slung Smoothers in Naval Brass sides and Tool Steel sole. 
Prices may vary depending on infill wood choice. Prices do not include shipping.

All prices are in Australian dollars (AUD) - currently around 75cents on the USD.
LSS-30,       $1650 AUD   (~1290USD)    
Plane body is 140mm long (5 & 1/2") and the blade is 30mm wide (approx 1 & 3/16")

LSS-35,      $1780AUD      (~1390USD)    
Plane body is 156mm long (6 & 1/8") and the blade is 35mm wide (approx 1 & 3/8")

LSS-40,      $1910AUD       (~1490USD)    
Plane body is 171mm long (6 & 3/4") and the blade is 40mm wide (approx 1 & 9/16")

All blades are 5mm thick, Hock irons. High carbon tool steel pitched at 50 degrees.

I offer the LSS-35 in Damascus steel,      $2500AUD     (~$1950USD)

Squirrel Tail in Naval Brass and Steel sole, $2250AUD (~$1776USD)                          

This plane is coffin shaped with a 3/16" thick x 1" wide blade, pitched at 50 degrees.