Saturday 24 June 2017

Red Gum Slab Table

Sorry it’s been a while! Got the kitchen and laundry finished. (Click on any photo to enlarge).

We also have had our en-suite bathroom renovated over the last few months and I decided to make the vanity. The drawers are made from Birch ply and the solid wood is Victorian Ash.

The drawers are finished with my own homemade beeswax finish, which smells beautiful. The Vic Ash is finished with Danish oil. Re-sawing the Vic Ash was a good effort for my 14” bandsaw.

I only have a small thicknesser, so once the panels were jointed and glued I worked them to finished dimension with handplanes. It is always nice to find a reason to use my beautiful, Lie-Nielson #8.

I was just about to get back into some plane making, when this Red Gum slab caught my eye.

Here is a sneak peak photo of the progress. I will go through the building process in detail in my next blog.